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Traditional Shotokan Karate Federation

Five Dock Dojo

TSKF Five Dock Dojo resides within the City of Canada Bay, in the inner west of Sydney. Our mission is to promote the many benefits derived through diligent karate practice to residents and community members within our suburbs. We are also much more than that though.

TSKF Five Dock is also a club affiliated to the parent body of Traditional Shotokan Karate Federation Australia (TSKFA). With over 30 dojos and more than 1200 members TSKFA is a well-established federation with over 45 years of proud history. Our chief instructor, Takahashi Shihan OAM has been coming to Australia twice yearly for those past 45 years. An outstanding commitment by anyone’s standards, it’s exactly this dedication that has fostered a culture of exceptionally high standards and commitment to the Martial discipline of Karate-do throughout the TSKF clubs Australia wide.

Our club, situated on the beautiful ‘Bay Run’ foreshores at Rodd Point has arguably one of the finest views from any dojo floor. It doesn’t make the training any easier but that change breeze blowing through the dojo on a hot summer night certainly helps.

Five Dock dojo runs weekly training classes for both junior and adult students. We cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced karateka.

Come along for a chat or try out a lesson. Karate really is for everyone and you can start from the age of 5 years old with no upper age limit.


We’ve worked hard to get to where we are today, and are proud to say our team is more talented than ever before. All our instructors are certified as qualified instructors under the TSKFA body, working with children registered in NSW and themselves active practitioners and competitors today. Five Dock Dojo is one of many clubs in NSW, however currently the only one in the Sydney region. The President of NSW and our Sensei is 7th Dan Ian Harris Sensei. Harry Sensei visits us frequently and we are grateful for his continued support and guidence. Take a look below to learn more about each individual, and get in touch to learn more.



Dojo Head (4th Dan)

Andy Mckechnie Sensei, Dojo Head TSKF Five Dock, Yondan (4th Dan) Certified Instructor under TSKFA and ISKF. Registered Referee C grade qualified. Working with Children Certified and a first aider. 

Andy Started his karate journey in 1985 in the style of Wado Ryu at the age of 17 in England under the auspicious guidance of 6th Dan (now 8th Dan) Les Birkin. Achieving 1st Kyu brown belt in 1990 before relocating to Dusseldorf Germany for work and continuing with Sensei Peter Meuren then 4th Dan instructor.

It wasn’t until 2002 having returned to England that Andy began his Shotokan Karate training with the renowned Karate Union of Great Britain who’s Chief instructor is Andy Sherry Sensei (9th Dan). Training in Colchester under Peter Heal Sensei and grading Shodan in December 2004 and then Nidan in March 2008 just prior to leaving England for Australia. During this time in England Andy trained with some of the best karateka in the world; from KUGB Andy Sherry Sensei, Terry O’Neill Sensei, Frank Brennan Sensei, Bob Poynton Sensei and Bob Rhodes Sensei. Under SKIF the legendry Hirokazu Kanazawa, his son Nobuaki Kanazawa and Chief Instructor Manabu Murakami Sensei. Special courses and seminars with Simon Oliver Sensei JKR completed the first class line-up of notable and respected instructors that Andy had the good fortune to learn from. 

If you were to ask Andy about his foundation training whilst living in the UK he’d tell you that he owes all he’s learnt from these masters who spent time teaching him with a special mention to Peter Heal Sensei who instructed him through his Shodan and Nidan grading. 

Immigrating to Australia in 2008 saw Andy join Traditional Shotokan Karate Federation under Chief Instructor Takahashi Shihan OAM. TSKFA have embraced Andy into their organisation and enabled him to have the opportunity to create his own Dojo in Sydney, compete and win at state level in Queensland and NSW titles championships, attend Aoyama Gakuin University Gasshuku in Japan in 2012 and again in 2016. Andy graded to Sandan (3rd Dan) in August 2016 and post Covid graded to Yondan (4th Dan) in March 2023 at the TSKFA Nationals in SA under Takahashi Shihan’s instruction proud events in his karate journey. 

Today you will find Andy teaching and training at Dobroyrd Sailing Club with its beautiful wooden floor and panoramic views over the bay looking onto Sydney City. TSKF Five Dock is a young dojo, into its 4th year in 2019. Membership continues to grow and the club is already creating a name for itself. In November 2018 six students attended the NSW Titles in Lismore and collectively brought home 13 medals – including 3 gold! Best female karateka, Senior Spirit award and best karateka of the competition were also awarded to three senior students at the titles. ‘Regular and focused training throughout the year certainly pays off’ - ‘I couldn’t be more proud of the effort and results from the students’ Andy remarked.

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Senior Instructor (4th Dan)

Sensei Krzysztof Skrzypek born 17 February 1959 in Prudnik Poland.

Trained Karate Shotokan JKA from 1 September 1977 in '' Zarzewie '' Karate Club Prudnik Trained and graded by Sensei Giuseppe Bagetto 6 Dan until 1981

Migrated to Australia 1982 and joined AKSIA. Trained under Sensei Frank Nowak 6 Dan and graded to Nidan Dan by Shihan Hirokazu Kanazawa 10 Dan until 1996

From 1997 joined Shotokan Karate '' Torakan '' Biala Poland and Trained under and graded by Shihan Kancho Funakoshi 10 Dan to Yon Dan until 2009

Representing these clubs in many states both national and international as well as individual and team Kumite and Kata competitions.

From 2009 trained in Sydney and joined in 2018 Traditional Shotokan Karate Federation Five Dock Oss



Assistant Instructor (2nd Dan)

Cameron Smith began his karate study with Harry Sensei in Lismore NSW in 2000. Training weekly and with diligence it was a proud moment when Cameron graded Shodan, black belt 1st Dan in 2008.


Representing Five Dock Dojo in the NSW state competitions in men’s open kumite, individual and team kata it’s clear that karate is a passion for Cam who enjoys the self-confidence and self-control the study of karate-do builds.

A certified TSKF Instructor, qualified D grade judge and a first aider Cameron contributes to the club as an invaluable support Instructor for the weekly kids’ classes. His current focus is diligently training towards his Sandan grading, 3rd Dan black belt. 

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