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What sells best at a cake bake?

Five Dock Dojo – Fundraising event 2nd March 2019

Fred Kerry Reserve, Great North Road, Five Dock

As with all clubs, fundraising is a necessary activity in order to create the opportunity for members to participate in events and competitions. On Sat 2nd March TSKF Five Dock parents, students and instructors boldly stepped into our very first fund raising day.

Nothing happens without a plan and ours started early in January once I had an insight into just how many students we might have travel to Taupo, New Zealand for our Nationals. Turns out there are five of us going which I have to admit is more than I expected given the fact it’s international and we are still a growing concern as a club.

The many merits to the karateka of attending the Nationals, regional competitions or Gasshuku are already documented in my blog Aoyama Gasshuku. To save you rushing off to remind yourself you can take it from me that dedicated daily training with the very best instructors and dojo heads from around Australia, NZ and Japan will advance your karate many months in just that one week. The notion of pushing yourself harder than you thought possible in twice daily training and facing into the fear of standing on the competition mat and giving it you all at the end of the week is somewhat terrifying and character building all at the same time.

What sells best at a cake bake?

So back to the point of this blog – to share our story, thank our committed parents and to capture for prosperity our first event. With one under our belts now I think it’s safe to say we can see the formula and with this blueprint, modify and even improve for the next one.

What sells well at a cake bake? Turns out the quintessential Australian snag wins hands down! It’s almost un-Australian to walk past the aroma of sizzling onions and sausages. All is not lost for those cupcake fans though, they too sell like – well like hot cakes. Although we can determine that top of the list are chocolate brownies. Nothing sells better at a cake bake (beside the snag) than the chocolate brownie.

Without you – it wouldn’t happen!

I’m humbled by the support and commitment that our karate parents immediately step into, even before being asked quite frankly. Without their willingness to give up time, expend effort and, let’s be honest also dig into their pockets to make, bake and build products we could sell to raise funds we would not have had the success we did.

A personal shout out from me then to Michelle, first on ground and those wonderful coloured belt cupcakes. To Bianca for building all the boxes we used for packaging, the lolly raffle, lolly bags and her time on the stand. Suzanna for the balloon animals and the most professional TSKF cupcakes I’ve seen in all my years with TSKF! To Mary who had two secret weapons, a fabulous brownie recipe and those puppy dog eyes from her Daughter Saskia who ensured very few walked past without buying! To Gina for all her support and commitment and as club secretary I can truthfully say very little comes off without her direct involvement. To Peter our BBQ guru, all day steadfast cooking sausages so enjoyed by our local community, I always appreciate your support Pete. To Kimberly for dropping in with cakes and lollies, Amelia for best banana and Nutella cupcake I’ve tasted!

Of course a big shout out to our junior students for kata demonstrations on the day, really leaning in and participating and sticking it out all day.

Finally and without whose support I would struggle Cameron Sempai and Kris Sensei. Oss gents! I’m grateful – thank you.

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